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Sculptor and Painter

Cheryl Tall is a Southern California-based artist whose work focuses on the relationships between people and their environments, and often includes architectural and figurative elements. She is especially known for her pinch coil technique, which gives her work an unusual texture reminiscent of wood shingles or scales.


Tall has derived inspiration from the study of arts in Canada, Japan, China, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, and the U.S. An early childhood steeped in fantasy, due to family involvement at Disney World, has given her work a colorful sense of animation and humor.


Tall earned a BFA in Art from the University of Central Florida and an MFA from the University of Miami, FL, where she studied ceramics, fine art, and medieval history. Her work is included in twenty two books, and in numerous museum collections, corporate and private collections.

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